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Chicken Egg Incubator

How to Make the Best Out of an Incubator


Poultry happens to be among the businesses with the shorter cycle when it comes to farming. It also happens to be among the businesses with the highest returns. Among the reasons as to why it happens to be the most profitable venture is due to the size of most poultry birds. The size of the hen, guinea fowls among other domesticated birds tends to be sizable and hence can be consumed by a small family. Due to the fact that meat is necessary as a source of protein, individuals opt to purchase birds for meat as they can easily slaughter and prepare without the help of an expert. Where they purchase them already slaughtered, they do not need any assistance in preparation. The taste of chicken among other birds also tends to be great a factor that makes most individuals prefer to purchase these birds for meat.


Any poultry farmer would definitely need to fasten the hatching process of the chicks. The reason as to why one would need to do so is due to the fact that relying on the birds to naturally hatch the eggs hinder their food uptake as they lie on the eggs. It also delays the period between when the bird in question lay eggs and the next time it lays eggs again. Whenever birds are the ones to lie on the eggs, some eggs may not hatch where the bird exposed them to cold. In addition to this fact, the number of eggs the bird in question can lie on is limited. In this regard, most individuals opt to purchase an incubator to do the hatching as the poultry in question prepare to lay more eggs.


Among the reasons as to why most individuals choose to incubate eggs in incubators is due to the fact that minimum eggs go to waste due to controlled environment in an incubator. Some incubators ensure that the hatching eggs are turned several times a day to ensure the best results. Other incubators have the option of turning the eggs manually where the individual ensure uniformity and hence controls when the eggs are turned. Other incubators have a transparent cover that ensures that one can look at the eggs all the way to the day they hatch. By the time they are due, one does not have to keep opening and closing the incubator to see whether the eggs are hatching or not.


Depending on the purpose of the incubator and the budget from how to build a chicken coop, there are a variety of incubators in the market. Some incubators tend to be more expensive than others while others are less expensive. The brand of the incubator also determines the price of the incubator in question. Some brands tend to be better and more durable as compared to others a factor that many individuals consider in the process of purchasing an incubator. It is, therefore, essential for one to first ensure he or her figures out the number of eggs one plans to hatch each time and then check out for reviews before making the actual purchase.